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Form holds potential beyond it’s limits. 


Be it evidence of activity or an extrusion of condition, we view form and even our own as separate from ourselves.  Form is where or when matter meets - a reaction of forces. An artefact that inhabits the intersection of a plane. 


Enveloped or unfolding, hidden, accesses or revealed, it is the inverted space of the in between.  It is what we look at, touch, experience, connect.  It is what at some point we perceive and process as difference. 


Within our bodies, we form a space around the mind. 

In this imagined space we build the frame with which to reference and navigate through our work and culture.  We refer to this as a cohesion, yet define ourselves as against our surroundings.  We are that which we are not. 


In this, we lose our interdependence.  Space solidifies and forms the barrier between our consciousness and the world around us.  We are trapped here as we seek the boundaries. We build the barrier in our minds and these spaces become the real.    


Liberty, independence, self.  Screaming into that void we claim autonomy but our path is a consensus. 


An exchange may foster a collective growth but the transaction will only serve the domination of will.  Freedom is knowing nothing is lost.  A compassion for this condition is born out of silence. In that silence a space emerges. 


Instead of grasping at our expectations, release. Relinquish form.

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